Poker Tip #1: Get Yourself a Poker Face!

My father may have been a bad car salesman but the best lesson he ever taught me was to find my own poker face. He taught me this from an early age and I have been perfecting my poker face over many years. However mine still looks something like the cat in the image :)

Poker Faces

The point is that any average to medium player knows he needs a poker face but it takes skill, deception and practice to master bluffing your way to the pot! This is the secret of poker and no other tip will be as useful to you as this. Whether you have a pair of twos or a flush – you have the same opportunity to win the hand when bluffing and poker faces come into play.

Now stand in front of your mirror and start practicing! But if you don’t have the time or guts you can play poker at where you don’t need to have a poker face. You can sit in your pajamas on your sofa and enjoy poker how it’s supposed to be enjoyed – from the comfort of your home!

Play and Win

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