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Winning in the real world

This is not a classic winning story. I haven’t entered any competitions or won a prize. However, I do feel like this story reflects an amazing winning that has changed my life and taught me a lot about myself.

I remember the nightmares when despite highest qualifications; I was unable to find a job of my choice in the market. My degrees ridiculed me and I felt myself deep down into the den of disappointment. It’s amazing how in this economy an academic degree can’t get you even a secretarial job.


I decided to take things into my hands and try to be creative with job opportunities. I started looking into freelancers portals, browsed through the different projects in offer, looking for something that I can not only do, but also do well enough so that I can have an advantage on others.

I knew I was good in writing, always got good grades in my academic papers and researches. So I opened an account specifying my expertise, branded myself as an academic level writer, uploaded some samples and applied to any relevant open job I would find. I was happy to get a quick response from an employer that was interested in the exact set of skills I had. I spent 10 days on that project and was proud to submit it. Unfortunately that employer backed off the deal and I was left with no money and a very big disappointment. It was easy to give up at this point. Just imagine; your first freelance job which you’ve spent a lot of time on, which you felt so excited about, all went down the drain.

But I couldn’t give up. I had to start making money and fast. Do I pulled myself together and applied for more jobs. This time, I asked for an advanced payment. I’m happy to say that since then I didn’t encounter any problems with any employer. Working with amazing people has allowed me to build a small company.

My main lesson in all this is that even the darkest times will end if you just decide to act and take your life in your own hands.

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